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OBV rack               


Móvil Video Switcher rack

The Datavideo OBV Racks have narrow side walls so you can put more of them next to each other in a fixed space. Each OBV rack is attached to a plate which is secured to the floor of your van. The racks may be removed from the plates and placed on a dolly for transport to the studio or on location. 

The OBV Rack has 27RU rack spaces (11RU above the controller tray and 16RU below the controller tray). Datavideo can supply the rack by itself, or with a switcher, equipped and wired to your own specifications. It has convenient handles on the rack for lifting and placing it on a dolly. The OBV Rack uses a bolt-on baseplate to mount into your vehicle or trailer. And the control panel tray can fold up to save space during transport. 

Three of the OBV racks will fit laterally, across a Mercedes Sprinter 2500. 

OBV 2800 ($29,700 msrp) OBV Rack ($1520 msrp) OBV TB-2800 ($640 msrp) OBV-BASE ($370 msrp) OBV Trolley ($250 msrp)
The rack fully loaded with SE-2800 Switcher, HDR-70 Recorder, VSM-100 Vectorscope/Waveform Monitor, TLM-170HR Monitor, ITC-100 Intercom System with belt packs and headphones for 4 camera persons, base mount, trolley, and flip-up shelf The rack without any hardware loaded, and without base mount, trolley, and shelf Estante abatible para el panel de control Base de montaje para el montaje en una furgoneta Ruedas para rodar el rack OBV

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Conexión de vídeo
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Conexión de audio
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Tally y Power Conexión
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