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CG-300/350 SD/HD Character Generators 

The CG-350 and CG-300 are Windows-based character generators designed for live production and post production. Different functions are assigned to different sub-programs. Both sets will work with a Blackmagic Design Decklink HD Extreme 3D or AJA Kona card, as a downstream keyer or as key and fill sources (depending on the card). Please note: Key and fill is only available via SDI or HD-SDI.

The CG-300 is a smaller version of the CG-350, without the Banner Crawl (continuously scrolling text) and Snyper (corner graphics, station IDs, "coming up next" animations, etc.) functions, which run independently from the character generator software. Please note: The CG-300 is available for sale in the U.S. only.



A full-featured demo version is available for download so you may try the software for yourself. Click here to download.

NOTE: Blackmagic Design does not support the use of Decklink cards on Dell computers, due to past incompatibilities.  However, the CG-300/350 software can also be used with an AJA Kona LHi card or AJA Kona LHe card, if you intend to use a Dell computer.

The CG-350 and CG-300 have all of the features that are mentioned below and much more. Please download the manuals for a full list of available features.

Features and Specifications

  • The CG-350 features Banner Crawl for continuously-rolling text crawls and Snyper for corner graphics and animations (station IDs, "coming up next" animations, etc.) over your outgoing program, both running independent from the CG software
  • Support for resolutions from 320x240 to 1080i HD
  • Supports both downstream keying (DSK) and key & fill. Please note: Key and fill is only available via SDI or HDSDI.
  • Anti-aliased characters with leading, kerning and tracking, with two edge and three shadow styles for each character.
  • 32-bit color support (with transparency). Color can be selected by adjusting RGB or HLS levels.
  • Create smooth gradients between any 2 colors in the characters, edges, shadows, and shapes.
  • Character attributes can be drawn with custom textures (marble, wood grain, etc). As many as 16 different textures can be used on each page.
  • Up to 32 shapes per page. Each shape can be set to a solid color, semi-transparent color, a color gradient, or a texture. The shapes can be edged, colored, sized, italicized, and rotated just like text characters.
  • Up to 16 full-color logos can fine-positioned, overlapped, sized, etc. just like characters.
  • 1,000 Layers - Text, logos, and shapes can be placed on multiple layers, each independent of the others. Layers can be named.
  • Support for BMP, JPG, GIF, PCX, TIF and TGA images.
  • Text Style Gallery - One button access to your 64 user-defined text styles.
  • Typefaces - each page can use up to 25 Truetype different typefaces.
  • Character height, width, angle and rotation all customizable, and independent from letter to letter.
  • Variable character and edge blurs, independent of each other.

The CG-300 and CG-350 have SDK’s which allow you to create a direct interface to the software, such as:

  1. Text and Logo Substitution
  2. Page Control Interface
  3. Banner Crawl Control
  4. Snype Control


Display List Editor
Used to create and edit the list of images. Drag and drop your pages from the Title, Animation or Graphic Catalogs onto the Display List and create your playback sequence with ease.

  • Preview Window - next screen preview allows you to preview any particular page without going live with it.
  • Media Catalogs - information is organized into Title, Animations, and Graphic Catalogs.
    • The Title Catalog shows all your static text pages
    • The Animation Catalog shows pre-rendered text and shape animations
    • The Graphic Catalog shows non-CG graphic images

Title Composer
Create static and animated title pages using editable text, layers, graphic placements and shapes.



Dynamic Lower Thirds and Logos

32-bit color and Animated Text Layers

Auto-updating text fields, live time clock and program-independent banner crawls (CG-350 only)



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